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Dosłońce 56, 32-222 Racławice

40 minutes from Krakow


Family fun and clean air
from 169 PLN/per.
Cherry flavored February
425 PLN / per.
A woman's trip to the SPA?
from 799 PLN
Luksusowy Hotel z basenem
795 PLN/per./4 days
Are you looking for a romantic getaway?
445 PLN
Take care of your physical condition.
from 711 PLN
Strengthen the body, relax and unwind
599 PLN
Spend a nice, feminine getaway to the SPA
710 PLN
Take care of your figure and health.
from 2674 PLN
SPA - the best idea for the weekend
480 PLN
Exclusive, intensive treatment
1199 PLN
Herbal benefits of nature.
260 PLN
Decide for yourself how long you want to stay!
299 PLN
Take care of your physical condition.
from 249 PLN
Ecological treatments with valuable properties.
199 PLN
Move to India!
330 PLN
Effective rehabilitation and effective relaxation.
169 PLN
Take care of positive energy.
270 PLN
Spend a day tasty and active
60 PLN
Deep relaxation straight from Bali.
320 PLN